Understanding the Improvements of Dash Platform v0.15

The organization working behind the scenes to improve Dash (the Dash Core Group), continues its usual tradition of releasing updates with new functionalities every six weeks with the release of v0.15 on Evonet! Under this schedule, v0.16 is expected at the start of this year’s 4th quarter (between Oct. 6th and Oct. 20). In order to prepare for this latest update, it was necessary to wipe the entire Evonet blockchain and start fresh with the new parameters. As such, decentralized application developers had to back up and remove their data from the network and will reinstate it after the update.

In a statement issued by the company concerning this process, DCG stated that “while the approach is fine for early testing, it is not appropriate for testnet and mainnet. To handle different versions of data, nodes, and clients all working in coordination, Dash Core Group developers introduced versioning that allows for the smooth roll-out of breaking changes without affecting user experience”…

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