Twitter CEO loves Bitcoin – He gets it.

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Price: $10,928 | Block: 651888  

Expert Take: Square Buys $50 Million Worth Of Bitcoin – You only have to view Jack Dorsey’s Twitter bio (@jack) to see that he is serious about Bitcoin. In 2018 he predicted in a decade’s time, Bitcoin will be the Global Reserve Currency. He only believes in Bitcoin, no alts. His company Square, has already generated over a billion dollars from it’s Bitcoin trades; this purchase of $50 million in Bitcoin is minuscule. Although like Micro-strategy, they’re adding it to their balance sheet. They’re also planning to open-source the Square project – which is a massive move. You can really feel the corporate FOMO building – I say follow the money. He is a bullish whale; whales dictate the direction of the market. I have great respect for Jack, he is a philanthropist & very wise man. He is a big advocate of the Lightning Network & has personally donated money to it’s development. I believe Lightning will drive Bitcoin into mainstream adoption.  

By all means, play around in the shit-coin-casino (for fun). If you’re not holding a large percentage of Bitcoin though, expect to get rekt. Bitcoin has proven time & time again that it’s network effect is just too damn strong. Yes, Ethereum may moon & may be successful one day, it has an entire ecosystem underneath it. At this point, it’s purely for venture capitalists who want to speculate & that’s completely fine. I love the free market, no government monopoly – it’s beautiful. The DeFi craze will no doubt be extremely hyped & stupid; a lot of people will lose money through dodgy code & scams. I’d advised to stay away from it or only invest what you’re willing to lose. Bitcoin & Ethereum aren’t actually competitors anyway.  

There’s nothing that comes fundamentally close to Bitcoin. We need the hardest money we can get for what’s coming. Governments are going to do everything in their power to deter people from Bitcoin, they may even try to seize it. They may take your home until you give up your private keys, who knows. What’s coming, is going to be extremely messy. Personally I’m confident we win in the long run. They can’t slow Bitcoin’s innovation. The privacy tech is growing faster than their blockchain analysis software. They know they’re doomed, fear is the only card they have to play.  

Bitcoin Daily: US Attorney General Unveils Crypto Enforcement Blueprint; Canadian Businesses Damaged By Attempted Bitcoin ATM Theft – Everyday I’m seeing articles similar to this. Governments creating bullshit laws & regulations to make Bitcoin & crypto ‘safe’. They don’t care about your safety, they care about tax revenue and control. Anti-money laundering laws lol they turn a blind eye to retail banks committing it all the time. The crimes are being committed by the government, constantly dropping propaganda & encroaching on their citizens. Privacy is a right, please preserve yours – take a stand. I’m going to continue to harp on about this, because it will mean everything in the future.   By all means buy your Bitcoin on a KYC exchange (it’s sort of hard not to). After you purchase it, CoinJoin (Whirlpool/Wasabi) then open a Lightning channel for spending – privacy will become easier on Bitcoin in time. By all means, pay your taxes (to keep them off your back) just don’t allow them to know everything you do. Just because you want privacy, doesn’t mean you’re a criminal. Criminals will always do criminal things. They weren’t able to track your cash, they shouldn’t be able to track your Bitcoin. No one but you should know what you spend your money on; this preserves your reputation, your health & your future. Bitcoin Should Be Your 1st Priority, Privacy 2nd |  


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