The Stage Is Set For Bitcoin – The Next Parabolic Move Is Nigh.

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Bitcoin Has Hit An ‘Inflection Point,’ Predicts Major Twilio, Pinterest, LinkedIn, And Twitch Investor, Bessemer Ventures – At the beginning of 2018, after Bitcoin had risen ~2000%, nearly everyone believed institutional money was going to rocket the price 10 times higher again. Turns out, we made this call far too early. In 2018, I didn’t understand market cycles. I thought trees could grow to the sky, I was in a euphoric-dream-land. A healthy market needs a downturn to build long-term support. You need to shake out weak hands for sustainable growth.  

After experiencing the depths and depression of a Bitcoin Bear Market, I now have a much clearer picture of where the market is at. The sentiment feels like 2016 again, with a massive 2017 style move soon upon us. Everyday I feel more bullish than the last. Technically & fundamentally, Bitcoin could not be more primed – It’s really just a patience game at this point. Bitcoin has a way of rewarding the true believers; as you can see, more well-known true believers are making themselves known by the day.  

In 2000, The dot com bubble (the tech internet startup phase), at it’s peak, rose over $6T in size. Every stock that was internet-based saw ridiculous gains. I personally think the next Bitcoin & crypto hype-cycle could see a market cap of $30-40T (absolute blow off the top). I think Bitcoin will see prices of $300-400k. I believe this bubble will be substantially bigger due to 20 years of inflation & the fact Bitcoin/crypto is disrupting a much larger market – the entire financial system. It is reshaping the internet, repricing the energy sector, it’s a social and political movement. Let’s just say Bitcoin is going to change everything in some way (most likely for the better).  

Personally I’m not an Ethereum/DeFi believer, it goes against all Bitcoin’s ethos. I can’t stop what is most likely coming though; I think the DeFi bubble will rise to crazy valuations. It will be like the ICO bubble, just much more insane. Lots of money will be made and lost. In the end people will just realize Bitcoin is the one, and more true hodlers will join – rise & repeat. I think Ethereum has a place, however we need hard money in these times, not an experimental platform.  

Some important tips to prepare yourself for the next Bitcoin bull run:  

-Get all your coins off exchanges. Not your keys, not your coins!

-Get yourself a hardware wallet. Cold Card is my favorite, but keep in mind it’s Bitcoin-only.

-Secure your seed/private key in a cryptosteel or seed plate

-Run your own node to send/receive funds – for maximum security & to help Bitcoin network.

-Run your node/hardware wallet through open-source software only (Wasabi/Samurai/Core/Electrum) & always verify updates are genuine through developer site/Github.

-Improve your Bitcoin privacy – CoinJoin/Lightning/TOR etc.

-Open Lightning channels while fees are cheap. Use to calculate most economical fees.

-Move your Bitcoin to Bech32 addresses (native Segwit) – huge saving on TX fees.

-Don’t lose sleep over the Bitcoin price, it will no doubt be extremely volatile. HODL & chill.  

All these things will be in high demand in the future, so it’s best to start ticking them off now.  

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