The Media & Government Distort The Reality Of Bitcoin

Don’t get caught up in the hype as bitcoin hovers around $19,000 – Our perception on life as a whole has been considerably skewed due to media/government propaganda. If you want to listen to articles like this, you’re only going to disadvantage yourself in the long-run. DO NOT ignore Bitcoin – please do you own research outside of the mainstream media. If you honestly believe I’m talking about some conspiracy theory, I think you could be delusional. The amount of censoring on the internet these days has run out of control. All the “conspiracy theories” are getting deleted by all the technocrats; who’s goal is to preserve government narratives. These “theories” are getting deleted as the are likely the truth, or a large percentage of them at least. I think we’ve seen enough smoke to assume there’s fire.

Let’s be honest, big tech companies will choose free government money (at tax payers expense) to do their dirty surveillance work, instead of remaining ethical & protecting their customers. They are attempting to monopolize the internet like they’ve done with everything else. Due to the sovereign nature of Bitcoin & it’s subsequent technologies, I’m extremely positive they will lose this power over the next couple years/decade – it’s completely immoral & it needs to stop. Privacy is your right – Nobody (except you) should have the power to monopolize on you at your expense.

Over the last year, living & breathing through the COVID hysteria, I have never felt more of a need to become more self-sovereign. Not just in finances, but in communications/data also. Sovereignty means you are your own unit, meaning you control you. Encroaching governments, big tech, big pharma etc. will only push more individuals to seek the technology to get them off zero. As I’ve found, self-sovereignty/privacy is definitely a moving target, there’s so many things to consider – it’s a constant fight to preserve it. 

If everyone followed tomorrow & ticked all these boxes, the world would change rapidly (Improve these things slowly over time, so it’s not stressful). I think it is slowly heading this way regardless. From what I can see, less & less people are wanting their future in the hands of central authorities; they are clearly causing most of the issues in the world today. As individuals, we need to strive for this. You may laugh at it (as I did). Do enough research & you’ll easily change your mind. We are headed for a dystopian world if for some reason we stay on this path. I’m betting self-sovereignty/privacy will become more default overtime. Bitcoin is giving people true self-sovereignty (regulator’s nightmare); it’s laying the foundation for everything else. Regardless of what anyone says or does, it cannot be stopped.

To give you an example: I just downloaded Phoenix Wallet – It is a Bitcoin wallet with Lightning capability, however it’s default – there’s no channel management. All you do is receive your funds on a normal BTC address, the rest is done in the background for you. This is massive. This means your phone is the node & liquidity provider; you become a private swiss bank account – no crazy configurations. Fees are unfairly low. It also runs TOR by default – which means all data, transactions & your IP address are much more private, compared to normal on-chain Bitcoin. It will be available on iOS soon. Because the channels are managed by Acinq, this mean it’s not entirely non-custodial, however you control the private key – it’s semi-non-custodial. You pay a small fee to open a channel, however you need to do this anyway if you run a full node. All good trade-offs in my opinion. Especially for a mobile wallet – absolutely massive. 

2 years ago, I could barely use the Lightning Network. The way it’s headed, it will eventually allow Bitcoin to be a payment network at global scale with sound privacy; probably to the point where it becomes the equivalent of cash – tax revenues will likely completely fail as it will become far too costly to enforce. Nation states will collapse; many more smaller jurisdictions will likely emerge – this is very positive long-term. Bitcoin/privacy tech should not be underestimated. I wouldn’t bet against global-opensource-code – it’s extremely innovative & disruptive.

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