The Global Debt Bubble Is The Real Pandemic, Bitcoin Is The Cure.

I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist by any means – more a seeker of truth, however it’s becoming a common trend for governments to label any citizen as such if they aren’t aligned with their views. We live in a world where a group of people are making the big decisions – a setup for failure from the beginning. Even if they all had the best intentions (which they clearly don’t), humans are still prone to error by design. I always trigger people when I tell them COVID is a scam.  Let me be clear, COVID is a real virus & unfortunately real people are dying – this isn’t the issue. It’s the response & how they plan to move forward. It’s what they’re not telling you. It’s the perspective of the entire situation. The numbers & severity are clearly exaggerated. The unfortunate truth is: people die from sickness all the time. The actual death rate is nowhere close to what they’re making you believe. 

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