The Dollar Puts You In Chains, Bitcoin Breaks The Chains.

How CBDCs Give ‘Absolute Control’ to Central Banks –  One thing is becoming extremely apparent, governments are seeking more & more control of their citizens (CBDC’s, surveillance, KYC-Know Your Customer, propaganda, censorship, new”COVID” laws, lock-downs, increased taxes/inflation – proof is in the pudding). They are losing power to the digital age, & to counteract this, they are using every tool at their disposal to prevent it happening. In the end, I firmly believe they will lose in a big way. Bitcoin, in my opinion, the main driver of this paradigm shift. Money is power. Bitcoin removes the control of money from the government – arguably the number one issue in the world today. As Bitcoin & the Lightning Network grows, more disruptive & powerful tech will be built on-top of it (A new decentralized internet, built on top of a new financial system). As well as Bitcoin, there is becoming more of a demand for open-source & privacy-focused software (both of which provide freedom). People are starting to wake up to the fact that corporate surveillance is very real. They are waking up to the fact that government want a back door to their life. They will tell it’s for you own good, but it’s clearly not. It’s about power, money & control. They want us to be dumb tax slaves for eternity. They have screwed the money & now they need us to pay it back. They will tell you we’re in this together & that we need a reset. Lies on top of lies. They are clearly worried that people are finding the escape hatch – Bitcoin. They can’t control or print Bitcoin to fund whatever they like – this is an issue for them. Nothing about Bitcoin is a crime. The criminals are the ones opposing it. Bitcoin is freedom technology for the individual – incredibly revolutionary, will change the world for the better on a multitude of levels.

Not doubt they will use every trick in the book to get adoption of these CBDC’s (Central Bank Digital Currencies). Maybe they offer free money when you download their app. Maybe they blackmail you by freezing all your account balances if you don’t make the switch. For those silly enough to bend the knee to this insanity will mean that they will be under the total control of government. Yes, they may offer you a regular income but at the mercy of anything they ask you to do. They might make your money expire or change interest rates at their discretion. When spending, every transaction will be tracked with a serial number, so regardless of VPN/Tor/fake details they will know it’s you. Maybe you haven’t had the COVID vaccine when leaving the country, so to punish you, they freeze your money & your digital passport. Personally, I can’t see any of this happening though. There is a massive social-shift building with Bitcoin. The ones left behind, still using government money, will be laughed at by their peers. I can’t see any child in school going for the dinosaur system. Kids are smart & they’re always on the net – they’ll figure it out.

CBDC’s provide no benefit to the citizen – worse, they strip all your privacy & rights. They still inflate & rob you in the same way. They are completely centralized & have no censorship resistance meaning they can stop you at any point. I think CBDC’s will only further highlight Bitcoin’s value. As the purchasing power of government-issued tokens continues to dwindle, Bitcoin will be there hoovering up the value. It will just keep growing bigger & bigger until it’s swallowed this entire system of rubbish. Personally I can’t wait. The real reset is clearly Bitcoin. The price seems stagnant, but this is only the beginning. We’re just waiting for masses to see what we see. From an economic perspective, Bitcoin will eventually shrink government & privatize all their services. To get there faster, we need to push back on their draconian regulations & start to use all the privacy tools – As time goes on, the tools are getting easier & more default. If you’re reading this, you’re early – so if you want privacy now, you have make a bit of an effort. Luckily you will be handsomely rewarded by a massive price increase.

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