The Bitcoin Honey Badger Continues To Get Stronger.

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Willy Woo: Bitcoin to decouple from traditional markets soon – I believe traditional markets will pump into the election because Trump is a huge advocate for money printing (FED has being buying stocks & bonds) to artificially prop the market up. This will reinforce the narrative that a Trump presidency is good for the economy to get votes. This is only smoke & mirrors. It is only short-term. Scarce assets like Bitcoin/Gold will continue to have more value proposition as the economy slows & eats itself. With the halving now in effect, Bitcoin’s issuance matches gold. Add this to the economic demand to hold value, it’s almost inevitable Bitcoin rises over the next couple of months. If you’re in stocks, please understand that you’re playing a losing game – When it properly crashes it could take years to recover. Look at companies & businesses around you, they’re struggling. This 2020 stock rally is fake. COVID-19 is completely overblown in my opinion, all this nonsense is the accelerator, to an already dying system. This money printing disease is not sustainable. Bitcoin is bound to decouple in the upwards direction, purely due to it’s characteristics.

Bitcoin price unfazed after $150M hack of major exchange KuCoin – If you’ve been a Bitcoiner for a while, news like this is interesting because it proves the market is becoming more mature. It’s first hand evidence Bitcoin is growing more resilient – the average hodler is gaining more & more confidence. Bitcoin itself cannot be hacked. Your Bitcoin can be hacked & stolen off an exchange or central custody service. Take custody of your coins immediately with a hardware wallet. Hackers want your Bitcoin because it’s extremely valuable!

US Federal Reserve Actively Working on Digital Dollar – Headlines like this always make me cringe. CBDC’s – Central Bank Digital Currencies will merely digitalize the problems that already exist. If you against having privacy & your rights – use the digital dollar. Money is the underlying power in the world today. It allows governments & corporations to control & steal from the average Joe. The more you analyse Bitcoin, the more you realize it fixes most of the problems in the world today.

Blow To Bitcoin As Portnoy Warns Cryptocurrencies Are Just ‘One Big Ponzi Scheme’ – Dave Portnoy is famous for Barstool sports & has a couple million followers on Twitter. He is extremely new to the space & simply doesn’t understand what he bought into. He bought the top of a rally, then rage-quit on Twitter. Traditional or Fiat currencies are actually the Ponzi because their future value is zero. They’re also a Pyramid Scheme because the 1% is able to rig the system to get all the money. Again Bitcoin fixes this. He will probably buy Bitcoin again at $100k.

IMF released a video explaining their version of inflation – You cannot suger-coat theft. Bitcoin doesn’t steal & control you behind your back.

Bitcoin is the best solution to the greatest theft & experiment of all time. Remember Bitcoin doesn’t care about the news. It is the Honey Badger. 

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