The Bitcoin Corporate FOMO Is Just Beginning.

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Stone Ridge Reveals $115 Million Bitcoin Investment As Part Of Billion-Dollar Spinoff – Personally I didn’t see this demand coming, but it makes so much sense. The thing that gets me most bullish about all this; only ~100 more companies globally can make a similar-sized Bitcoin purchase as Micro-strategy. The supply is going to run out extremely fast as more companies realize they need to hold Bitcoin as an inflationary hedge. Gold is far too cumbersome & burdensome for this purpose & Bitcoin has far more upside potential. Gold is running out; even if companies wanted to buy gold they would struggle. Gold is hoarded and manipulated by governments & central banks. Buying Silver is even more cumbersome. You’d need to hold 70 kg of silver for every 1 kg of gold, the amount of weight would be ridiculous. Gold, Silver & Bitcoin are going to be the top 3 assets; pretty obvious where the money will flow.  

Retail investors will ‘undoubtedly’ move to Bitcoin, says Fidelity – One of the main reasons I believe the average person will adopt Bitcoin will be due to the push for a cashless-society. They only want it this way so they can audit & control you more (COVID is an excuse ). We were headed in this direction prior to 2020. Let’s be honest, the average business owner accepts cash to evade taxes; they even create discounts as an incentive. The harsh reality is people are struggling in these times; they need to make extra money & pay the least amount of tax as possible. Crazy thing is, we shouldn’t be paying any tax in these times, with the amount of money being created out of thin air (at tax payers expense). As Bitcoin’s privacy tech improves I can see more people using it for the same reason they use cash. Even if everyone just used the Lightning Network tomorrow, they wouldn’t be able to track anyone’s transaction as there’s no public ledger, only IP if your not using TOR. Hence why governments want to ‘break’ it – good luck. I think all this is inevitable. The cost to enforce these laws will not be viable. It’ll be like pirating movies through torrents. People will just get a VPN and ignore the laws. Suddenly, there’s too many people to prosecute. This will undermine government power and no doubt get a lot of politicians angry. We could see some 21st-Century-Hitlers emerge. I’m not saying evade taxes, but let’s be honest, many people already do it in the current system. When I see ‘Cash Only’ I think “oh you’re evading taxes”. Worse of all, governments & central banks counterfeit money as a day job & you don’t see politicians going to prison – the hypocrisy is laughable.  


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