STEEM/HIVE SAGA – Justin Sun blamed for censoring Steemit

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Justin Sun, founder of TRON (TRX) and recent owner of Steemit is under fire, because several message about the Hive hard fork would have been removed.

On March 19, a crypto influencer tweeted that she had made an explanation video about the fork that would take place on March 20:

“I made a normal explanation video in which I went through the announcement of the hard fork and explained what you can expect from it.”

That video has been removed from the Steemit platform. Ironically, the reason for the fork is the censorship that takes place on Steem and that’s why people move to Hive.

The hard fork is meant to knock Sun, owner of Steemit, off the throne. He would currently have too much power within the community.

Earlier this year Sun bought Steemit Inc, the largest operation within the Steem blockchain. In addition, he pocketed about 20% of all Steem tokens. So the community wants to set a hard fork in motion to prevent Sun from being in control of all the tokens in the future.

The two big cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Huobi agreed with Sun’s opinion and rejected the idea of the community to set up a hard fork.

After receiving a lot of criticism from the community, the exchanges decided to withdraw their voice and support the hard fork instead. On the exchanges, after the fork, you can convert your Steem tokens one on one to Hive.

Hostile Take over

After hostile takeover with help of exchanges now Justin Sun is planning another shit-show. Mahdi Yari 67@mahdiyari noticed some activities on the official Github of Steemit inc. that puts certain posts in a blacklist. Mostly posts related to Hive are getting blacklisted and won’t show up on Likely they will put more posts into their blacklist.

A few posts that included in the blacklist:


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