Sound money is the story of bitcoin, hip-hop and DJ J-SCRILLA

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dj scrilla sound of money

DJ J-SCRILLA is an American hip hop producer and graphic designer. He has made music with well-known rappers like Killer Mike, Raekwon and Smif N Wessun. But what does this wikipedia intro have to do with bitcoin?

He has released a new hip-hop album called Sound Money. This album tells the story of bitcoin and uses samples of John Mcafee, Hotep Jesus and Andreas Antonopoulos.

One of us

In 2014 he discovered bitcoin and for that matter he looks just like any of us. He was sucked into the rabbithole and came out when he had a long beard.

He has now transformed his whole journey into a musical documentary called Sound Money. The goal is to teach people about bitcoin but also to remind old bitcoinners why they started believing in bitcoin in the first place.

The album is not an excessively positive take on bitcoin. It is a rational point of view that condemns the abuse of central banks and proposes Satoshi Nakamoto’s currency as an alternative.

Memes and frogs

In 2016 the producer was just playing on twitter and he came across all kinds of memes. All these memes made ICO’s ridiculous and he liked that humour.

That hobby got completely out of hand. At the moment he has several pages on his website where hundreds of processing memes are sold.

Looking at the titles on the tracklist of the album, you’ll see a well-known timeline appear:


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