Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2020.07.06

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

– Square crypto provides grant to steve myers 

– IRS is seeking surveillance tools to track lightning network transactions 

– Coldcard 101 by bitcoinqna 

– Coldcard guides by kisbitcoin 

– myNode v0.2.11 

– Samourai Whirlpool CLI v0.10.7 

– Electrum v4.0.2 

– Eclair v0.4.1 

– RTL v0.8.0 

– Raspiblitz v1.6 RC2 

– @getumbrel teases new dedicated node software suite 

– UK FCA bitcoin research report

– Iran gives bitcoin miners one month to register with the state 

– Venezuelan military seize 315 ASICs 

– PSBT signing in fully noded 

– PSBT Toolkit by benthecarman 

– Coincenter bitcoin privacy explainer 

– Crowdfunded distributed bitcoin awareness project 

– Coinbase trying to IPO 

– Signal downloads surge in HK as new draconian laws go into effect 

– USDC blacklists address with $100k USD 

– Tether has blacklisted $5.5 million in USDT this year 

– Marty’s favorite app Tiktok pumps doge

– Boltz Channel Creation Swap


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