NeedFUD Celebration Contest

NeedFUD is online and we are ready for the public. We want to celebrate this with an awesome win action. We have 2 prices to give away!

– Announcement –

In order to preserve the quality of the uploaded content, we have adjusted the contest rules. Not the one with the most uploads will win but the content with the most votes.

To give everyone enough time we also extend the action. This means that all content that’s been posted until the 14th of April will participate in the promotion. We give the users 2 weeks to obtain votes by sharing their content on social media platforms ect.

The winners will be announced on the 30th of April.

How can you have a chance to win?

  • Create an account
  • Upload a minimum of 20 items, formats of your choice (Embed or upload videos, Podcast, Meme’s, FanART, links, news you name it) before the end of 14th of April
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • The user with the most uploaded content will win 30 dollar in bitcoin.
  • The user with the most votes for his post wins $30 of BTC
  • The most shared post will win the mystery gift

The action stops on April 14th, the winners will be announced via Twitter, and personally via the specified email address with which the account was created.

Mystery GIFT!

Those who have uploaded something that has been shared the most on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit ect wins the mystery gift. This must then be shared from NeedFUD.

The amount of BTC depends on the price on the day when the BTC is transferred to your Wallet.

But what is NeedFUD really?

NeedFUD will become a community-driven platform where everything can be uploaded as long as there is a link with crypto. And with everything we mean everything, think fan art, images, meme’s video’s, youtube video’s, podcast or just crypto articles. There are almost no restrictions, of course the standard things like we don’t accept racism, no spam, no nudes.

The content that is uploaded can be voted by other users. At this moment the latest content will appear at the top. But this will change over time to most views or most votes. This way we hope there will be a contest.

You can just embed videos, podcasts, Twitter and Facebook messages, images, memes ect. This way, the original owner won’t miss his views and possible revenues. All content is collected in 1 feed so you can easily scroll through it. But you can also choose to scroll in different categories.

Good Luck


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