‘Knowledge about Bitcoin (BTC) is growing, most popular among millennials’.

The general knowledge about bitcoin (BTC) grows over the years, especially millennials are positive about BTC. This is shown by a survey from The Tokenist. They interviewed almost 5000 participants from 17 countries. It is a small study, but it does reflect a sentiment: more people seem to choose bitcoin over traditional financial institutions.

Millennials and bitcoin

The Tokenist compared data from other surveys in 2017 with their most recent survey. As an example, almost half of those surveyed prefer $1,000 in bitcoin to gold or real estate. That’s a growth of 13% compared to 2017. Millennials (born between 1980 and the mid-1990s) are the people with the most interest in bitcoin.

More knowledge

It also seems that people have more knowledge about bitcoin. At least that’s what they say in the research. This is shown in the graph below. The vast majority of those surveyed have never bought bitcoin, but the largest group now indicates that they are familiar with the subject.

bitcoin survey

Is bitcoin good for the world?

A fun question in The Tokenist’s survey related to the role of bitcoin in the world: “Is bitcoin a positive innovation in financial technology? There were more people who agreed in 2020 than in 2017.

bitcoin survey

Bitcoin against banks

Another important question is of course: can bitcoin eventually replace the current financial institutions as banks? The survey asked the question: “If you have to choose, who is more reliable, bitcoin or large banks?

The Tokenist: “There has been a great loss of confidence in traditional banks over the last three years and bitcoin has benefited from this. “47% of respondents said they trusted bitcoin more than banks. A remarkably high percentage that is a lot higher than the number of people who indicated they already had (bought) bitcoin.

bitcoin survey


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