Ignore Bitcoin Technical Analysis, An Unstoppable Trend Has Begun

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s Views on Bitcoin Evolve – 2020 is the year billionaires start to shill Bitcoin. Billionaires generally became rich in the first place as they are able to see immense value before the majority catches on. Billionaire endorsement is a massive driver for market confidence. Let’s be honest, they are able to pull a lot of strings behind close doors. They generally rub shoulders with powerful individuals. Bitcoin is hidden in plain sight. Personally I blame governments & the media for holding the average person back. They regularly put it in a negative light & provide false information. If you have the time to properly do your due diligence on Bitcoin, you’ll see it’s far from what first meets the eye. There’s a world of value hidden behind a wall of deception. It is still so incredibly misunderstood. I find new depths to Bitcoin all this time.

Words coming from Larry Frink will no doubt be far more valuable to the price than some small time bloggers like myself. People tend to listen to successful wealthy individuals. Personally I’d prefer to listen to the small-timers as I believe they will always provide less bias & more accurate views. BlackRock has recently gone balls deeps into Bitcoin & crypto; there’s a massive financial incentive for Fink to shill Bitcoin & crypto as it will only attract more money to his products/platform. I’m not talking a big talk here, but the most valuable information I’ve learnt in this space is from your typical Bitcoin-maxi. I find them to be extremely level-headed individuals who take a pragmatic approach on life. They are passionate, fierce & honest people – they normally have their shit sorted. 

True Bitcoiners will only shill Bitcoin; if one decides to deviate & diversify from it, I am likely suspicious & will quickly lose trust in the individual – but that’s just me. Bitcoin is the most ethical & principled, it’s the only money that will actually change the world for the better. If for some reason, Bitcoin was wiped from existence tomorrow, I really couldn’t see Ethereum or one of the others holding up the market Bitcoin initially created – true finite hard money. Bitcoin is the glue. It is the ocean raising all the boats. Ignoring Bitcoin in 20/21, will likely be the biggest regret over the next decade. It is still so early.

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