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We search for lots of things on the internet that information we needed. We spent lots of our time on the internet to search for information but we get nothing for that except for information. But If we search for anything on the internet that we need and for that, we get paid! It isn’t cool? Yes, my dear all audience Presearch gives us that opportunity. If we anything searches on Presearch we get paid for every search. We all get paid 0.25 PRE token at the initial stage. 

How you can Earn From Presearch: 

Earn from Presearch like A, B, C… Anyone can earn PRE token from all over the world. Create your free account with Presearch and start earning PRE tokens today.

Registration Link

Reward Rate: 

Every user can procure from between 0.25 to 0.5 PRE per search, up to 8 PRE tokens like clockwork. 

After you hit the 8 PRE limit look are not remunerated until the 24-hour timespan resets at 12am 12 PM, UTC. 

25 PRE tokens can likewise be earned when you allude to another client through your referral account.

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