Forget A 401k, Stacking Sats Will Allow People To Actually Retire

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Big news: This innovative company pays your retirement in Bitcoin (BTC) – It really pains me to see someone who has worked their entire life; an absolute slave to their wage & when retirement finally ticks over, they’ve barely got enough money to live on. We’re told from a young age to get a good job, pay a mortgage & put extra money into our 401k/super/retirement fund. Knowing what I know now, I think this is complete bogus; it’s setting up everyone for failure. It’s merely a narrative that has evolved from the current socialist political structure. 

We’re told to get into ‘good debt’ & that we’ll be rewarded with “tax breaks”. When the debt bubble pops, the last thing you’ll want is debt. Wealthy individuals leverage debt to make even more money (They will be caught out when the bubble pops too). For the average Joe in the middle class; you think you’re ahead with all these tax breaks – you’re actually not. The average person believes inflation is a healthy necessity for the economy – this is a lie. It’s a hidden tax for governments to pay for the stuff you don’t give them permission for. This is only the tip of the iceberg; the ancillary money printing & debt creation on the side is billed to you further. You just don’t see it. It’s taxed to the value of your dollar & your future.

If taxes weren’t forced upon us & we only paid for the things we actually used, we probably wouldn’t need any of these funds. We would be smarter & more disciplined because we’d be motivated to save & build real capital on our own. Not get into debt & lose it to interest, inflation, fees, taxes. We are a civilization encouraged to self sacrifice our own future, to further enrich the wealthy, concentrating more power into the hands of a few. 

When you go down the Austrian economics rabbit hole you’ll see how disadvantaged governments & central banks have made us. The more research you do, the more theft you’ll see. If your 401k isn’t earning 20-25% per year, you’re essentially losing money. You might see the number go up, however this is only an illusion. Your retirement money is consistently being eroded by a centrally planned monetary policy. You dollar buys less & less over time. You fund is charging ridiculous fees. You almost have to chose a high risk portfolio to even get ahead in life. You almost have to play Russian Roulette – which is crazy, because 90% of startups fail. Wealth is generally built over time. Bitcoin gives each person the same time to accrue wealth. A risk averse portfolio is all that is needed. You get a good nights sleep knowing your future is bright.

When you stack sats in Bitcoin, you acquire more percentage of the supply. When you stack in fiat, some politician/central banker is constantly stealing your share of the pie. Stacking sats is an asymmetric bet to the current financial system. A lot of funds are allocating 1-5% of their portfolio into Bitcoin. As fund managers get wiser and learn more, this will only increase in my opinion. In the long-run, more people will self custody & these centralized institutions will be made redundant. Bitcoin will advance our civilization – we will become self-sovereign individuals.




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