COVID-19 Revealed The Truth About Money – Bitcoin Is The Reset

Has the pandemic made Bitcoin mainstream – I think the most common question being asked from the general public is: “Where does the money come from?” People are extremely curious whilst locked up in isolation & google is their best friend. When you go down this rabbit hole & you discover how broken & corrupt the money is, you will realize your future is at stake. You should realize – the only way to preserve your wealth is to start putting your savings into scarce assets or something that can hold value when the debt bubble pops. The curious-isolated-individual may not have heard of Bitcoin at this point, however in time, they will come across it. From what I can see, there is an abundance of Bitcoin content available online compared to gold; & it’s roughly 1/30th of it’s market capitalization – pretty obvious where this is going.

Let’s be honest, COVID-19 is real but it’s completely overblown. In my opinion, the hysterics of it all are being used to justify government money creation. National debt worldwide was already at levels that could never be paid back – a global depression was coming well before COVID-19. The crash of the 2008 housing bubble was momentarily recovered with printed money to artificially prop the economy back up – this was never going to be a sustainable solution. The writing was already on the wall, their only solution – kick the can further down the road. Every form of money printing I hear these days is related to the effects of COVID-19. Banks have received massive bailouts due to COVID-19; it’s honestly laughable. Think about it; most people wouldn’t even blink an eyelid if you said it’s due to COVID-19. 

Governments simply aren’t telling the truth about the money. They talk interest rates, debt, GBP, tariffs, taxes, inflation – blah blah blah, fancy words used as a façade. Too be fair, many of them are probably brainwashed by the culture of politicians before them & why would they care – the money system enables a lush lifestyle for them. Let’s imagine they explain The Cantillon Effect in simple terms; the actually flow of money & how the majority finds it’s way into the hands of the financial elite  – this would be an issue. If they told people that inflation, stimulus, debt, bailouts, & QE is just further hidden taxation, there’d be a lot of riots (Taxes are already too high in the minds of everyone). They can’t have this, there’d be civil wars everywhere. The reality is, the money comes from somewhere. It comes from you, your future & your children’s future. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Most of you reading this have probably joined crypto to acquire some altcoin moon bags (to get rich in $$) – I know I did (Lost a lot). I highly encourage you to rethink the importance of Bitcoin & why we’re all here. Question the money before you gamble on alts. It’s a wholesome feeling having a better understanding of the bigger picture. It will make you mad, but don’t stress – we have Bitcoin. It is the true reset. Supporting government surveillance crypto-currencies will only further diminish your privacy & rights. It will only digitally enhance the issue. A lot people talk negatively about Bitcoin; If they only knew that it’s in their best interest to own some. It is apolitical hard trustless money; it will build the future we all deserve.

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