Congrats To The Bitcoin Hodlers

Bitcoin surges past $20,000, erasing 3 years of deep losses – Today is an historic moment in Bitcoin; the breach of the previous all time high. We are entering a new Bitcoin era, we are sailing in unchartered waters. What a time to be alive! You shouldn’t be concerned about what dollar value you bought in at. All that matters is your percentage of the overall supply. 21m coins divided by 7.5B people is roughly 280,000 sats per person. It’s currently under 5,000 per dollar. All one needs to do – aim to stack more than 280k sats and they’re ahead of the game. Bitcoin is a game of accumulation, get it before those greedy politicians stealing all your money. Buying Bitcoin is like payback but in the most peaceful way possible. 

I roughly worked out how much money had been thieved from me over the years through taxes, inflation & various forms of money printing; it fueled me to stack sats like a MOFO – I plan to make it all back. I have spent close to zero of the revenue I’ve paid into the system. I will continue paying taxes, but at some point the masses will rebel. The higher the price goes, the clearer it should be that the legacy financial system is coming to the end of it’s life. The people are making their vote on Bitcoin. I can’t see this trend changing, it’s the hardest money available to humankind. It will only continue to get harder as time goes on.

In the age of the internet, Bitcoin is destined to rule the cyber-economy. It will soon be common knowledge that Bitcoin is the tool for individual & financial freedom. It will be completely ubiquitous & available to everyone. In the age of Bitcoin, there’s no insidious monopoly on the money, everyone who joins the network is protected by math. No one can siphon your hard earned money behind your back. Taxation will only get harder & harder to enforce as a circular economy is formed & privacy tech improves; there is no political jurisdiction on Bitcoin or the internet. This is a good thing because we will operate on a completely trust-less monetary system. All the liars & cheats in the world will be spoon fed Bitcoin’s truth serum.

Bitcoin is the basis for a new world. I am strong believer than when we fix the money, we really will fix the world. Yes it doesn’t directly fix everything, but it’s definitely the number 1 step to a sustainable solution. Nearly everything evil in this world is motivated by money & power. Bitcoin ends the hypocrisy in the political-sphere – I am personally tired of our leaders breaking all the rules they set out. I am tired of the double standards. I will happily follow rules that equally apply to everyone in society. Fiat money allows them to break these rules. Bitcoin makes them accountable & honest. It will make their rent-seeking jobs redundant. Yes, I like to rant the same msg over & over again. This is your future, make it count.

Over the next year, Bitcoin will likely see massive gains. The last time Bitcoin crossed it’s all time high, it saw 20x gains within 12 months – I’m expecting something similar. My advice would be: learn about the legacy system & Bitcoin as much as you can. The more you know, the angrier you’ll get, however the stronger your Bitcoin conviction will grow. Try not to wake up in the middle of the night to check the price. Your sleep is far more important than short-term moves. At $20k USD you’re really really early. At $100k you’re really early. At $1m a piece you’re still early – don’t be depressed about when your bought in, be thankful you found it when you did. 

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