Charles Hoskinson on Cardano, Shelley, Ethereum 2.0, Bitcoin, Defi and Decentralization!

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Joining us today is Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and the CEO of iohk with Layah Heilpern. Cardano launched in 2017 and is set to be the 3rd generation blockchain of crypto, bringing about scalability, interoperability and sustainability. After a long await release, Cardano are launching new protocols that aim to revolutionize the space. We cover Cardano and updates regularly on Altcoin Buzz so we have Charles explain in his words how Cardano differentiates itself from Bitcoin and Ethereum for a layman. 

We then discuss the Cardano virtual summit on the 2-3 of July and what can we expect ahead of the summit. The incentivized Shelley test net phase has been a success, we discuss how we measure its success. Cardano Shelley is set to release in July, which is supposed to be the biggest launch in Cardano history can you explain more about this, how is it going to evolve Cardano? Cardano is pioneering PoS (proof of stake), Charles takes us through its history and how it will help with decentralization? Can Cardano become more decentralized than Bitcoin?thoughts on proof of work consensus? What is Cardano’s phased plan to onboard more use cases, dApps, De-Fi, enterprises and stablecoins? thoughts on Ethereum 2.0? there must be something that might be interesting for you regarding this update.

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