BTC Poses No Direct Threat To Dollar, It's A Choice To Opt Out.

Bitcoin poses no threat to the dollar as the world’s currency leader, Fed’s Bullard says – When the dollar collapses, they’re probably going to blame Bitcoin. The reality is: without Bitcoin, everyone is screwed. Bitcoin is literally the only hope humanity has going forward – few understand. The empire of government will eventually fall; simply put, people will move to a Bitcoin standard & they wont be able to print it more of it. Outside of the visible taxation, the money creation at tax payers expense is a massive revenue stream for them. Bitcoin cancels all hidden taxation by default. I’m betting governments will collapse & their services will be in competition with the free market. Privatizing all these services will be a massive net benefit to each citizen. We will actually pay for what we use! Tax is theft times 100; When you compound a lifetime of forced payments & you calculate all the money you’ve actually used, you’ll quickly see the theft. You could have accumulated all that capital to build a much better future for yourself and family. You could have paid your disabled father a good wage & still have endless amounts of cash in reserve. It’s a scam & more people can see it. People ask me “Why is Bitcoin is rising?” I just tell them the truth – people are sick & tired of being robbed.

But the government will ban Bitcoin!? they’ve already banned drugs & look how that’s going. Criminals will always commit crimes. It will only make them look worse especially now that the richest man in the world is now a hodler. Banning the most ethical money on this planet is not a wise move in my opinion. Deny your people this right & they will probably just disobey. Either way, they will probably regulate, surveillance & attempt to tax it to no end. This will just force people to use Bitcoin more privately (CoinJoin then Lightning). Privacy tech/UI will only improve. Open source software is extremely fast growing, as there’s no ridiculous regulations hindering innovation. On top of this, the majority of people are broke (this will only get worse). An entire movement is starting to form around the theft of taxation – I’m betting people just rebel. I’m not saying to skip your taxes. I’m saying at some point, they won’t be able to come for everyone. It’s far too costly to enforce anything in Bitcoin (Especially when you hold your own keys & run your own node). People should be grateful Bitcoin is here & start to promote a circular economy – demand it as your wage. Instead of complain about the price,  just buy it – it’s purchasing power will probably 1000x from here one day. The dollars in your bank account continue to lose value by the day. Eventually an entire economy will be formed outside of government. When transactions are mostly on the Lightning Network, they’re going to find it near impossible to audit.

Last couple of days, people have been saying that Bitcoin is a speculative attack on the dollar. Effectively Yes – It’s massive competition to the dollar only because it’s so much better for storing your savings/wealth. These billionaires (like Michael Saylor) are just being smart with their words. When everyone starts to jump to Bitcoin, the dollar is dead. I’m waiting for another big tech company like Apple, Google or Microsoft to announce holdings on their balance sheet, I’ve got a feeling they have government officials in their ear as we speak. Thing is, if they don’t act some other company will take their Bitcoins. There’s a massive competitive advantage right now to be part of the first movers. The government can try hold them back as long as possible, eventually they’re going to tell them to piss off because the price is just going to keep going up.  Imagine the loss of confidence in the dollar when Apple dumps their dollars for Bitcoin. The dollars give the US Fed/government all the power. A massive shift in power is on the horizon. It needs to happen for the future of humanity. It’s going to swallow the entire monetary system – the process is already underway.

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