BTC News Today 2020: Will Bitcoin SURGE Or CRASH? Follow The Money!

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In the News, Today are articles expecting Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency to surge and crash. Almost the same number of News articles claim Bitcoin will surge or crash. Most of the time, News Articles will lean one way or the other. It is unusual to see the News split down the middle like this. In this video, we look for a way to follow the money in these articles. We will favor articles that demonstrate investment and give less weight to News articles that are purely opinion. We want to follow the money instead of just following someone’s viewpoint. Watch this excellent video with an unusual way of analyzing the analysis. Do not miss a second of this video as we evaluate each article listed by Investment vs. Opinion.

Watch the video:

Bitcoin (BTC) Wealth Transfer! Part 1

Bitcoin (BTC) Wealth Transfer! Part 2

Bitcoin (BTC) Wealth Transfer! Part 3

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