Bitcoin's Short-Term Trends Are Meaningless In The Big Picture

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5 signs that the real Bitcoin rally may only be just beginning – You’d find it easier to list the reasons why Bitcoin isn’t in the early stages of an historic bull run. Disclaimer: personally, I can’t think of any good reasons. The next catalyst to move the markets will probably be the US Election. In 2016, when Trump was elected president, Bitcoin enjoyed a nice rally. Will it happen again? I think it’s definitely likely. Given the stage of the market cycle & current sentiment alone, an upwards climb makes more sense. Not to mention the million other bullish fundamentals. Bitcoin however, does what it wants, so anything is possible.

Avoid looking at short-term price action; it will only give you unwanted anxiety & make you emotional. When you add these 2 things together it’s a dangerous combination; you end up losing all rationality. The reason why most traders fail & lose more money than just hodling it, is because the marker makers/whales tend to counter bet the moves most are expecting. Like a few days ago, Bitcoin breached $13,800 USD; many believed it was going $15-16k straightaway. Whales saw this as an opportunity to dump it. Thing is, this won’t always work because there is always a bigger whale who can then counter-trade the counter-trade. Now, as I’m writing this Bitcoin is punching through $14k – things change extremely fast. 10 Billionaires could market buy Bitcoin tomorrow & send the price to $30k. No one knows if we’re going up down or sideways. Long-term – things are looking extremely bright for Bitcoin. 

If you bought Bitcoin in the same stage of the last market cycle – 2016/2017; it was a far riskier bet. In my opinion, if Bitcoin was going to fail, it would have been during the scaling debate; Bitcoin Cash (AKA Bcash/BCH) & miners were probably Bitcoin’s biggest threat. Take it from someone who has been watching this market the last 6 years; Where Bitcoin is now, is leaps & bounds ahead of where it was. You get to buy Bitcoin at roughly the same price as it was 3 years ago & now it’s a much more solid long-term bet. There is so much money entering this space. We’ve now got billionaires & banks taking Bitcoin’s side. Soon governments/central banks; this will be their smartest move. Bitcoin is becoming too big to fail; each day that passes will only reinforce this narrative.

Governments/central banks will probably be the next hurdle for Bitcoin. They cannot physically stop it, only hinder & slow it’s adoption to the people, by putting ridiculous taxes/regulations on it. Banning something does nothing, drugs are banned – and well we know how that’s going. Bitcoin saves lives, drugs destroy them. The government has a monopoly & license on the entire drug market to print money through the pharmaceutical sector. It’s not a matter of ethics with governments, they only really care about the money & control. Through big pharma many lives are lost through doctors & hospitals. The average doctor is short-sighted due to big pharma. Sugar kills more people than COVID-19. They are so many natural alternatives to medicine that would have much more sustainable benefits with long-term rectification, yet they’re rarely considered. In the eye’s of government & big pharma, money is clearly more important than citizen’s health. 

The point I’m making, governments only care about the money and how the politicians can better fill their pockets with the citizens money. They will regulate Bitcoin to no end in order to get max profit – to give themselves generous pay rises that actuallu match inflation & pay back debt. Anti-money laundering laws are put into place; yet conveniently, central banks counterfeit money & retail banks launder it – But this is somehow OK. They’re fighting a losing battle with privacy tech though; I think people will take a stand eventually & make their money as private as possible. It will get harder and harder for them to force taxation.. The costs will get far too high & a circular economy will be created outside of the system.

They’re printing so much money at tax payers expense; we simply shouldn’t be forced to pay them. More people are seeing this by the day. Keep buying & hodling Bitcoin: if you never sell; there’s no taxes. Don’t willingly hand-over your hard earned work for some risky trades. There is only one good trade to make – Buy & hodl. Work is time. Time is everything in this world. Life is too short to be a slave to a system that’s only causing more problems. 

The biggest vote that will enact the most positive change this century – exiting your government money. Voting in an election with incompetent & corrupt candidates is so time wasting to me. You aren’t voting on Trump or Biden. The Federal Reserve/Rothschilds are still holding America & a large chunk of the world hostage regardless. Same could be said with every central bank in the world. The money system is a delicate & inter-twined machine with many cogs & levers. Most of the world’s issues stem from the money. Centrally controlled money is destroying societies. 

This is Bitcoin’s Pluto-mission-bull-case. The short-term trends are meaningless in the big picture. Bitcoin ends the monopoly on money itself – this is massive. They will only further devalue the money in your bank to pay for the issues they created & will only become richer in the process.




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