Bitcoin's Economic Incentives Are Too Strong To Resist.

China prediction: When Beijing ‘enters global race’ to ‘secure Bitcoin’ price could spike – Gold has barely moved the last couple of months; Bitcoin has doubled. In the midst of mass-irresponsible-money-creation by government, Bitcoin is starting to once again create significant attention around the globe. All this corporate & institution interest of late; what’s it going to take for governments to speculate – bet against their own shitcoin. They could quiet easily just print money to buy Bitcoin; it’s completely unethical, but you can almost bet it’ll happen at some point.

If I was thrown into a central bank position tomorrow & I had no morals, I would advise to accumulate as much as possible right now & then announce it to the world. Whatever debt the country was in, could be cleaned up & still have Bitcoin left over for future power. Most of them aren’t this smart though. Fiat allows them guaranteed control over their people, they aren’t really incentivized to buy it – yet. They are yet to understand Bitcoin’s game theory.  News articles like this, is definitely a taste of what’s coming though. When central banks announce Bitcoin positions, the price will pump so hard.

This is akin to the game theory of war, however in a much more peaceful sense. If no country had a defence force, there’s no incentive for any other country to have one. As soon as one country builds an army, others must do the same for their own protection. Buying Bitcoin will be a similar play in my mind.

My greatest hope for the future of Bitcoin, is that people see it as a tool for their own liberty & how important this is going forward. I hope more people are able to see how disadvantaged this system has made them & why they need to opt out as soon as possible. I hope more people buy it before the governments/central banks. In saying this, there’s probably close to half the supply in the hands of individuals, which is very promising for future citadels. 

As technology makes more and more jobs redundant, I really can’t see a positive future unless you’re holding Bitcoin. Early adopters may have to create & lead new privatized jurisdictions to look after their own communities (citadels). To employ them to do jobs that robots/AI can’t yet do – this is looking very limited in my mind. Otherwise life could get so depressing, many may escape to their VR world to spend most of their time. 

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