Bitcoin tippings in dollars to bank account through Lightning Network

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A few months ago Jack Mallers shared a new Bitcoin product: Strike. This allows you to make payments from your bank card via the Lightning Network. It’s like an app that allows you to communicate with your dollars with a Lightning node. On 1 April (not a joke), the young talented developer announced a sequel: A social tipping platform.


But first, back to Strike. At the end of January, the release of the beta caused a lot of enthusiasm in cryptospace.

The app will use the US dollars from your account to communicate with the Lightning Network. So you can make payments through the second layer of Bitcoin without the need for bitcoin.

“You can download the app, link your bank account to it, your payment card, and you can scan any lightning payment you want.

The advantage is that as a shop owner you don’t have to have a bank account. And yet customers can pay from a bank account. The payment is not settled by the bank, but via Lighting.

So now there’s It’s a follow-up to what you can do with Strike. You can open up some kind of donation/tippin line to which you can transfer Lightning Network bills.

You can do this from any compatible wallet that exists. Payments are then automatically converted on-the-fly to cash, and that ends up in the recipient’s account.

Watch the video demo

It actually brings two worlds together:

Customers who want to participate in a new economy, apart from the current financial system, but have difficulty receiving volatile currencies;
Users who have Crypt Currency (Bitcoin) can now deposit it at these stores.
So is a build-up to the Strike application. It is currently in beta for American users only. Nevertheless, these are developments that we are waiting for with great anticipation!



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