Bitcoin Should Be Your 1st Priority, Privacy 2nd.

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Privacy should be one of your main priorities in these times. It is a basic human right & it’s being striped from us more & more as time goes on. Privacy is pivotal in preserving the respect, well being & reputation of humans. The way the world is headed, you might as well live-stream the inside of your house to governments & corporations. When your privacy deceases, your ability to be controlled increases. You can be blasé about your privacy; “Pfft, my data is already out here” & yes a lot of it is, but ultimately this will only work against you in the long run. We need to change this way of thinking; teach our children the importance, mitigate further risks likely to come from poor privacy in the future. From here on in, things are changing rapidly & it’s extremely important you adapt – Don’t make it easy for them. Corporate & Government surveillance is a thing, if you can’t see that, I’m sorry – you’re delusional. If you think they’re are entitled to your privacy to prevent crime, you’re allowing them to continue committing it. Crime will exist in any system. Less crime will occur in a decentralized-bitcoin-based world, where central authorities cannot manipulate or corrupt the money supply. Let mathematics & a distributed network of consensus take charge. Less crime will exist in more privacy-focused-world. The amount of citizen data leaked to China & other foreign countries because of your government, is revolting. Connecting your ID to your entire life is dangerous for every person (most can’t see it yet).  

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