Bitcoin Isn't A Threat To People, The State Is.

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U.S. Department Of Justice Reveals Growing Bitcoin And Crypto National Security Threat Could Herald ‘Oncoming Storm’ – The main reason Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin was to end the slavery & tyranny that is central banking. They are calling it a national security threat because they’re worried people will all jump to Bitcoin/crypto simultaneously, crashing the dollar & making them powerless. Bitcoin isn’t a direct threat, it’s a choice for the people. 

Bitcoin is clearly the base layer for a new financial system, every crypto-currency benefits from it’s existence. This trend to better money cannot be stopped. It’s a paradigm shift to a free world. Governments are effectively trying to make your privacy illegal. They are just writing laws that appear otherwise. They want to track you, to profit and control. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s becoming common knowledge.

Buying Bitcoin allows your to escape one of the largest thefts of all, inflation. You don’t own your dollars, they own you. Inflation pays for all the things you’d never agree to (wars, terrorism, all the evil stuff really), hence why they don’t ask for your permission – they just steal it behind your back. In the short-term this is probably going to be the largest catalyst for the price. Inflation is going to get out of control. It’ll only fuel the beast that is Bitcoin.

I personally believe everyone should: allocate at least 1% of their portfolio to Bitcoin & reclaim privacy ASAP – these 2 things are extremely important in these times. When the price rises you’ll be motivated to go down the rabbit hole, because you’ll have a position. Getting some exposure in Bitcoin is crucial; if it fails we’re going to live in a totalitarian world – I remain positive though. Bitcoin’s tech is extremely powerful. I think even the Bitcoiners are underestimating it.

BoE’s Bailey sees little intrinsic value in Bitcoin – They are going to use every trick in the book to discourage people. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Look at Microstrategy’s recent Bitcoin purchase of nearly 40k Bitcoins; Michael Saylor sees massive intrinsic value over holding dollars. More dollars can be printed with the press of a Button. If your supply is unlimited, the demand will only decrease. Your money has value because the people give it value. The dollar is held up by faith in the government. Bitcoin is held up by entire network people & machines (as AI grows) who hold immense value for it. The faith is in the math that secures the network. Do you trust code & math or the state?

Unlike gold, Bitcoin has true digital scarcity, except the value proposition is far more compelling & the use cases are far more practical. Michael Saylor sold a domain for $30 million, he understands digital scarcity. NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) will soon put anything of scarce value on the blockchain. You can see where all of this is going.

The Bitcoin price is currently looking extremely bullish. It’s looking strong over 10k, but time will tell. I always take the long-term view. You should be extremely thankful if you’re stacking at these prices. When Bitcoin succeeds & it’s value will be far higher. Don’t trade, hodl.




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