Bitcoin Is The Pin To A Massively-Inflated Bubble.

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Price: $10,651 | Block: 651728  

Billionaire Investor: Don’t Obsess Over Bitcoin’s Price Action – The Billionaires around the world now have a firm grip on why Bitcoin has immense value proposition – It’s like they’re in a club or something. Virgin Galactic CEO Chamath Palihapitiya said in an interview with CNBC “The choas that will drive immense Bitcoin appreciation is not something we should look forward too. It will push the boundaries of the financial system & redistribute a lot of power. However it will provide financial accessibility to billions of people – this is something we should be proud of”. He does state the word IF this is to happen though, probably not to scare people. Truth is – it’s a numbers game, it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. I’m optimistic things will be better in the long-term. Bitcoin is good for the people. Like me, he’s clearly rooting for it.  

Yes, this could go on for a while yet. What we know for certain: central banks will continue to manipulate the money supply and enrich all their rich corporate/government buddies. The wealth will continue to concentrate into the hands of the few and impoverish the many. People will become more reliant on government helicopter money to live. The more people they can make desperate and broke, the more they can control. Judging how COVID-19 has been handled so far; there’s clearly a hidden agenda between government, big pharma & tech – for power & control no doubt. The system cannot be fixed, only exited. Let them deal with the system they created & watch it fall apart – buy bitcoin & take back all the money you’ve been thieved over the years, but in the most ethical & peaceful way possible.  

He also drops good advice: never concern yourself with the short-term price action, long-term is all that matters. Personally I think you’re mad to only allocate 1% of your portfolio; it does take a decent amount of research & time to feel at ease with Bitcoin though. There’s a lot to learn and it can be extremely overwhelming. Andreas Antonopoulos has easy-to-understand YouTube content; probably the best place to start new comers, in my opinion.

This Self-Sovereign ‘DocuSign’ Uses Bitcoin for Digital Proofs – I have wondered about this use-case for a while; it’s beginning to become a more mainstream concept. Using Bitcoin to secure ownership of any asset is extremely powerful. You would need more power than the sun to change the data once mined into the blockchain. As each ~10 minute transaction block processes after the signed message, it becomes more & more secure. Bitcoin is immutable – it cannot be changed. After a transaction is made, you better mean it. I definitely think this use-case will become a reality. Bitcoin is the most robust & conservative blockchain; it has been able withstand the test of time. It is the most battle-tested. It continues to prove it’s resilience. Bitcoin is the number one public ledger that can be easily viewed at any time. Real estate, art, collectibles, cars, metals, jewelry – anything of value can have it’s ownership secured in time.  

A bit or hopium to get you fired up – Hal Fin is one of the possible Satoshi’s , he’s been associated with Bitcoin since the beginning. This is a winner-takes-all senario; definitely possible.   

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