Bitcoin Is The Next Bitcoin

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Silver Could Be The Next Bitcoin – Plain & simple, Bitcoin is in a league of it’s own. I think Silver will see a much larger ROI than Gold over the next few years though. Gold’s marketcap is roughly 100x Silver & it is only ~7x more abundunt – ratio is way off. Gold supplies are drying up, so the gold bugs who don’t jump to Bitcoin will no doubt buy Silver. Given it’s tiny market cap, the price will probably shoot upwards very fast. Over time, I still think Bitcoin will easily outperform them both. 

I often think about that movie, Looper – Joseph Gordon Levitt storing Silver bars underneath his floor boards. The plot of the movie is set in 2044; America has suffered economic collapse and severe social decay – Silver is used as the medium of exchange (I think this event is coming much earlier than 2044). Plot twist, this will most likely be Bitcoin. I can’t see why you’d make your life harder by trying to use Silver as a currency (Especially now that we have the internet). How do you properly transact in something which isn’t divisible? how do you properly store it so the government or looters can’t seize/steal it? How do you properly verify it on the spot to prove it’s genuine? How do you transport it, overseas/across borders? It’s just not practical. Bitcoin is just better. Yes, it’s still a decent hedge for inflation & as a metal has a lot of real-life practical use cases (A lot more than gold).

When everything goes to shit, Bitcoin would easily be my number one bet of the 3. The naysayers will definitely be like ” what if the internet goes down?” If the entire internet goes down, something really bad has happened. At this point, money probably isn’t going to matter; you’re going to have much bigger fish to fry – like fighting for your life. The internet is the backbone of the entire world, nearly everything would come to a complete stop. In this event though, if there were still satellites, you could still broadcast a Bitcoin transaction.

In summary, Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin. If you think there’s an altcoin out there that is going to be the next Bitcoin, you are unable to see all of Bitcoin’s value proposition. You cannot replicate – the developers, network effect, branding, infrastructure, wallets, history, unknown creator (list goes on & on). A lot of the alts you see, are just a copy & paste of Bitcoin’s code.



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