Bitcoin Is The Great Reset

The Great Reset Agenda: ‘Bitcoin Is a Decentralized and Rational Strategy to Opt-Out’ – Central banks continue to come up terrible plans to fix the money. Their big plan to digitalize fiat currencies (dollars, euro) so they can distribute money more easily to the people (It sounds like they care but please don’t be fooled, it’s merely to keep the scam alive). More fancy acronyms to deceive; MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) & UBI (Universal Basic Income) – They both essentially just mean more money printing & wealth concentration to the elites. Both will inflate & devalue Fiat. No thanks I don’t want to be reset – I’ll just jump ship to Bitcoin.

They are obviously trying to compete with Bitcoin as new digital money. Digitalizing fiat currencies will only allow them more control over their citizens. Once cash is completely destroyed, privacy is completely lost – this is clearly their game plan. As more injustice & impoverishment is felt by the citizens, the more the governments will have to restrain & control. Bitcoin & the internet is quickly stripping power from governments; they cannot monopolize on either one. This political system is a dinosaur, that will soon be wiped out. They are fighting a losing battle, it’s just going to be a rocky transition. Bitcoin is truth money & they have been telling a lot of lies – it’s all coming to the surface.

Personally I’m positive that CBDC’s (Central Bank Digitalize Currencies) will only make Bitcoin more attractive. History shows that people gravitate towards the best form of money. As inflation destroys buying power & it becomes extremely obvious to the average person, more will just adopt Bitcoin. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, with an endless positive-feedback-loop. I am honestly amazed how much Bitcoin content is available online. It will only continue to increase & spread awareness. When you really see the value of Bitcoin, you just want the whole world to know.

If you’re new to Bitcoin, you’re probably thinking there’s an another alt that does it better. If Bitcoin died tomorrow (big IF), a lot of interest would quickly fade in this space. I’m not saying Eth/alts are pointless or have no value. I’m not saying your alt-bags won’t pump to the moon (Greed isn’t going away). Bitcoin is the one strong enough to handle state attack; most of the others wouldn’t stand a chance. In time you will convert from a Shit-coiner to a Bitcoiner. We need hard money, we need it more than ever. We need Bitcoin’s security & we need privacy. The Lightning Network is the best trade-off for both these. We also have CoinJoin to break the link in transaction history from KYC. Soon we will get further base layer protocol improvements for privacy – Schnorr, Taproot. Ignore the FUD, the Bitcoiners are more bullish than ever.

Bitcoin is the reason we’re here. Satoshi built Bitcoin to end the slavery caused by central banking. Central banking is like a cartel responsible for the funding of everything evil in this world – wars, terrorism (you name it). Money fuels power; power corrupts. The hysteria created around COVID is an hypocrisy. Central banking would be responsible for far more deaths. It is hidden in plain sight; the average person is completely blind-sided by their leaders. I now see the light; most politicians are a bunch of sociopaths. If you’re in the club that gets the first batch of printed money – your life is easy. For everyone else, we’re struggling to make ends meet. Fight back, Bitcoin is a weapon, however it does not cause harm. It abolishes the harm.

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