Bitcoin Is Poised To Explode Higher.

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Price: $10,751 | Block: 651453

Negative Funding Could Act as a Launchpad for a Massive Bitcoin Rally – One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in Bitcoin: It’s near impossible to predict short-term price action. Bitcoin can dive 50% tomorrow and then rise a few hundred percent within a month after. What I know is; shorters tend to get rekt in this stage of the market cycle. Bitcoin has spent almost 3 years consolidating from a massive run up to $20k USD. Personally there’s only one main psychological resistance in my mind; breaking the All Time High of $20k once again. After it breaks this level, it’s basically signaling to the world that it has immense value & it’s not going away. Fresh confidence will begin to flow in & no doubt drive the price to crazy new highs. In my opinion 99% of traders will never make as much as those simply HODLing. It’s near impossible to predict the highs & the lows. Bitcoin is a boom & bust market, zoom out & you’ll see the unstoppable long-term trend. Fundamentally, Bitcoin is the most valuable asset on this planet & is clearly well-undervalued. The world is just yet to realize it.

Visual Interpretation of Bitcoin’s Supply Shows the Digital Asset’s Unique Scarcity – It’s impossible to know exactly how many coins have been lost. Upwards of 1 million coins alone were presumably mined by Satoshi; the coins have never moved since. In the early days there were many people who mined thousands of Bitcoins; with a price of a few cents. You could earn 5 BTC per claim hourly on a faucet (for FREE). People weren’t worried about the security of their keys. From the reports I’ve read & my personal opinion, I think it’s safe to say as much as 25-30% of the supply could be lost already. To put in perspective, ~18.5 million coins are currently in existence. Say ~5-6m coin are lost & I presume ~8-10m are in strong hands, there’s really only going to be a few million coins left to purchase on the open market for the entire world.

Grayscale’s Fund now owns 450k Bitcoins (2.5% of supply). Micro-strategy recently announced to the public they own 40k Bitcoins on their balance sheet; they’re only a small Billion dollar company. Once more companies realize they need to acquire scarce assets as a hedge to insane inflation, the supply is going to run out extremely quick & the price will no doubt go vertical. CEO of Micro-strategy Michael Saylor, recently told Stephan Livera in a podcast that he spent 8 days purchasing the 40k coins, & while buying them, he was extremely fearful someone else would come to the same realization as him & beat him to it. He was worried he’d have to explain to the board why he bought Bitcoin 50% higher. This is just one company, imagine when others wake up. 



Saylor gets it. He had the Bitcoin epiphany.

The corporate FOMO of the next wave is here & retail will likely follow. The price will only stay at these levels so long. As long as central banks keep printing, there’s not a single good reason in my mind to ignore Bitcoin. Hint: they can’t stop printing. Owning Bitcoin will become the new risk-averse play. The fix supply of 21m cannot be changed; there are ~100k nodes (and growing) distributed world-wide, constantly enforcing the rules of the network. Never in history has there been so much certainty.

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