Bitcoin Is Insurance Against Your Government & Central Bank.

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Bitcoin Is An ‘Insurance Policy’ Against The Fed, Warns Former Facebook Exec – This is a trend that will likely continue as central banks globally print their currencies into collapse. In the mean time it’s going to make everyone broke; Bitcoin will become a necessity in daily life – might as well start buying little bits of it now. When you start to see the wealthy jump ship into Bitcoin, it’s probably a good indicator you should follow. 

The Fed or Federal Reserve is the central bank in American; it is the rotten core of the world’s financial problems. It is supposed to be the Global Reserve Currency, however it is quickly losing it’s status. No politician can fix this money issue, yet they are all super eager to attack Bitcoin & crypto with laws claiming to improve safety; but are actually more harmful to their people. Let them go down with their sinking ship. Their regulations/taxes will likely be short-lived as Bitcoin grows stronger. The smart countries will mine it and accept it as a currency. The countries that refuse will only disadvantage themselves. There’s a massive incentive here, most just can’t see that yet. The power hungry politicians only know fiat. They don’t want to know anything else, because it gives them power.

No one knows where this is all truly going or how long it will take. Personally, I’m not willing to bet against Bitcoin. Unless you’re in the 1%, your fiat will only continue to rob you. Although, when everyone sees this & jumps ship all at once; the fiat held by the 1% will become worthless. The money currently in your bank, will have a final value of zero. If you disagree with this, you’re disagreeing with math. There’s going to be a massive wealth shift this decade. It will be divided by those who understand inflation & those who don’t.

 Coronavirus: WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns  – At this point, if you still believe everything your government tells you; you really need a reality check. The COVID narrative is falling apart. Many experts around the world are coming together to debunk this massive lie. A class action lawsuit is being formed against governments for all their crimes against humanity. The videos keep getting censored, how convenient. It’s a bad flu at most. People die for many other reasons all the time, in much larger numbers. The numbers are fudged to fit their narrative. Over 90% of this testing has been proven to be false by the CDC themselves. There isn’t even an argument anymore, the answer is in plain site.

In my opinion, these lock-downs have nothing to do with the virus. It comes back to the money. The money system was collapsing pre-COVID. They knew a recession/depression was coming. This is a scapegoat for the truth. When the money system is common knowledge, I personally wouldn’t want to be a politician. They all knowingly operate on a scam. It gives them so many excuses to print money. Most politicians are old, they don’t care about your future. All their doing now is concentrating wealth so they can control you more – it couldn’t be more obvious. The hidden agenda here is power & control. You go back in human history, nothing has changed. 

 Bitcoin is entirely political, make sure to cast your vote.



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