Bitcoin Is Coming – Historic Bull Run Imminent!

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Elon Musk chimes in as Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams asks internet for bitcoin advice – Yesterday, Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) from Game of Thrones fired up all her fans; “Should I go long on Bitcoin?”. Go longer than Needle Arya! Terrible joke, but we all know she should. Bitcoin is extremely obvious, in my opinion. I’m betting a decent amount of people bought just because of her tweet. Purely on blind faith. This is only the beginning of Bitcoin-celebrity-endorsement.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of sheep in the world – Sheeple. Hopefully they learn a thing or 2 playing around with Bitcoin. Maybe some of them question the money & begin their journey down the rabbit hole. It’s a deep dark hole, it can bring a lot of emotion & anger out of you. We’re all programmed & brainwashed to think this is how it should be; if you step back and analyse the money system on an ethical level there’s no 2 ways about it – it’s pure theft. 

As Bitcoin approaches it’s all time high, I wonder what the bankers & politicians are thinking. The price is a meaningless value in the long-term. Bitcoin either goes to zero or it swallows the entire financial system – zero is becoming less & less likely by the day. I wonder, at what price do the suits & ties really start to sweat. I love Bitcoin because it defies the most powerful people on this planet; the ones doing the most damage. I believe Bitcoin attracts honest & integral individuals; despite it’s media reputation consistently placing it next to criminal activity. Bitcoin is the complete opposite of a crime.

If you look back in history, shorting at this stage of the market cycle can be an extremely bad idea. Sure there’s going to be volatility, but this is what will push Bitcoin to crazy new highs. Looking at that macro perspective of the global economy, it’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Bitcoin is going to thrive. There’s no reason why it can’t become the best performing asset class of this decade too.

Those ~500k people will change their mind when they realize the scam of the current system. It’ll only become more & more obvious as time progresses.



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