Bitcoin: A New Era Of Censorship-Resistance & Free Speech.

Trump ‘ballistic’ over Twitter ban as Republican fury grows over censorship – Honestly I think a large amount of the Bitcoiners on Twitter will soon move to another platform. If you have the ability to censor anyone’s Tweet, it’s not a just system. I’m not a Trump supporter, but he should be entitled to speak his mind to his followers. Trump aside, rules in government are followed when it suits them; the hypocrisy is outrageous. You can’t censor you bank transactions for privacy, but if corrupt government data is leaked it’s suddenly a conspiracy or a prank. Yes, there’s always going to be scammers & criminals, but the largest crime is being committed at state level. They regularly delete the truth because the truth is damaging. They don’t want you to know it, otherwise you’ll be very angry & non-compliant – the main one being the money.

Strip it all back, the current financial system is merely a pyramid & ponzi scheme designed to enrich the elites. Telling the truth on a public forum is forbidden nowadays. The truth aside; even if the most respected person announced the fraud of government to the world in the simplest terms & everyone was able to simultaneous tune-in with laser focus, the majority still wouldn’t believe or understand the depth of it. They’ve used the media to brainwash everyone over the last century into believing they have the best intentions – inflation & money creation one of the biggest lies. The deception is unbelievable. You think taxes are high, the theft is 10, even 1000x worse (if you compound your losses). 

I just want more people to open this topic in conversation; the truth should not be made taboo. You shouldn’t be made an outcast in society. Doesn’t really matter though, the tides will eventually turn – soon Bitcoin will be socially accepted by everyone simply because it’s better money because it doesn’t rob you. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s math. We are forced to pay government for it’s protection services & we’re getting severely ripped off. I feel sick whenever I get scammed (don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t). 

It is becoming increasingly clear that censorship is regularly used by the powers to be to fit whatever narrative they require (for power, control & taxes). As well as imposing encroaching laws & regulations, I think it’s obvious that large media companies are being handed incentives under the table in order to extract whatever data they need. For example: Twitter banning Trump, Coinbase selling blockchain analysis software to government. Read between the lines, I don’t think you have to be a nuclear physicist to work it out – their agenda is hidden in plain sight.

Any “conspiracy theory” made public for any subject matter is being censored if it’s not in the interest in government. The truth lies somewhere between the conspiracy theories being censored & whatever data is being released by government officials/bureaucrats. My guess is; the majority of the theories are more true than false, otherwise why the need to hide them.

Bitcoin is the beginning of a new era; one in which liberty & free speech is a right by default. Bitcoin doesn’t care about color, race, gender or creed. It’s is completely neutral on all fronts. In a world ruled by central banking, there is no equality when it comes to money. A small group of individuals have the power to decide where it all goes. In the Bitcoin network: Yes, you start from zero, but as you accumulate capital, you are treated the same as the rich. There’s no hidden inflation/taxes; 21m coins – everyone benefits. The Bitcoin economy penalizes liars & frauds, there’s no free lunch. It’s economic incentives reward hard honest work. The capital flows to the most deserving. 

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