Best Mobile Wallets For Bitcoin Privacy.

I had to write a quick article on these 2 wallets, as I’m absolutely obsessed with them. In my opinion, these are the best two privacy-focus wallets for UI, performance & features. I would recommend using these 2 wallets in conjunction with one another – Make every spend a CoinJoin + Lightning! Break the link in your TX history. Privacy should be your number 2 priority after Bitcoin – it cannot be understated or undervalued in this day and age. It is a basic human right for the protection of your well-being. Don’t let anyone make you think you’re a criminal for wanting privacy. There’s a reason humans live behind 4 walls. Bitcoin isn’t private by default & governments have further stripped your privacy with KYC. Hence, we need to use the tools to counter-act & vote against these draconian regulations with open-source software (Software is speech).

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