Beards & Bitcoin Episode 100: Blockchain To End Fake News

This is our 100th episode, a milestone in itself! We walk down memory lane and share our favorite moments of the show plus we also talk to David Liebowitz of Everipedia, which is the Wikipedia for blockchain but also an Encyclopedia for everything.For News Break, we look back into the sad and funny moments of the show—the good, the bad, the funny, the embarrassing. Listen to this segment as we walk down memory lane and reminisce the moments that brought us to this milestone—our 100th episode.

For our interview with David Liebowitz, we talk about how Wikipedia works, and what an Encyclopedia is. We also listen to David  Liebowitz as he contextualizes how Everipedia was founded—the Wikipedia for Blockchain but also an Encyclopedia for everything. Plus we talk about SEO, Fake News, and how Everipedia is different from Wikipedia. Since information is power, listen to this episode as we cover the importance of truth and how biases work.


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