A Special edition of the Nike Air Max 1 is verified by Vechain’s Toolchain

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Nike Vechain

A new and important victory for altcoin VeChain as they are privileged to follow the authenticity of Nike shoes. In a world where young people are the first investors in everything to do with crypto, a new milestone for the altcoin that is experiencing a fantastic 2020 in terms of news.

Nike Air Max 1

VeChain’s blockchain traceability platform has this year already developed projects to verify the authenticity of KN95 masks in the US and patient data for a hospital in Cyprus, but now they are also about to break into the sneaker market.

The Australian shoe manufacturers Chase Shiel, already on the market since 2010 and The Kickz Stand have announced that they will launch a custom made Air Max sneaker from June 28, 2020, which will be monitored with the VeChain toolchain. The special collection will be sold exclusively through the official Chase Shiel website.

The Kickz Stand is announcing on Twitter that the new Air Max 1 ‘Cherry’ from Chase Shiel will be launched, based on the Studdy SB Dunk model launched 15 years ago. The following video shows how the shoe will look in detail.

Thanks to a QR code, customers who buy the limited edition shoes can get detailed product information that proves the authenticity of the products. Maybe you don’t know this, but there are people who buy sneakers to collect them and then resell them for more money. A good business with a lot of social media exposure.

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