A COVID Vaccine Won't Fix The Economy, Bitcoin Does.

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VACCINE NEWS STRIKES BLOW TO SAFE HAVEN ASSETS; POTENTIALLY IMPACTING BITCOIN – Bitcoin is neutral & completely oblivious to the media . Unless it effects the underlying protocol in a big way – like scaling to SegWit in 2017, you cannot easily pin-point any news to negative price movement. It’s the free market; Bitcoin’s price discovery is the most pure & organically traded asset in the world. These “dumps” or “crashes” that you see, are merely pullbacks – Bitcoin isn’t going upwards in a straight line to the moon (sorry to disappoint). These pullbacks are typically just whales shorting to accumulate more Bitcoin from weak hands. Smart money is hoarding Bitcoin because they understand where the economy is really at. 

COVID is merely a facade for a much bigger issue; the money itself. COVID is not the reason people are struggling to get shelter & food; it’s lock-downs (authoritarianism), central banking, greedy & power-hungry politicians/corporates. Instead of lining the pockets of the rich with tax payers money, they could have simply just returned the money to the people who legitimately earned it. Instead they’ve created stimulus packages (at tax payers expense) & have forced their citizens to pay further tax on it. Apologies for these dark words – It’s like getting robbed & raped simultaneously. It’s clear the system is inevitably going to collapse, but there doesn’t need to be this much inequality – it’s fraudulent.

These COVID vaccines have hidden agendas in my opinion, but what do I know. I’m just the Conspiracy-Theorist-Bitcoiner. Crazy thing about conspiracy theories, they normally end up being true. Given all the facts I’ve read & using my own intuition, my trust level is near zero. Powerful people pull the strings behind the scenes. The drug industry is driven by greed & power. Government regulations & drug companies are always conveniently aligned. They clearly have a tight relationship & each reap massive rewards from it. ~90% of these drugs & their terrible side effects could be avoided with good health & excercise. They always fail to mention this & sell you their expensive drug anyway. All they care about is money – couldn’t be more obvious. If they make vaccines mandatory in my country, I’m finding myself a non-dystopian country to inhabit.

There’s no government/central bank who can monopolize & manipulate Bitcoin i.e buy up a bunch of Apple stock to further enrich their wealthy big tech friends (in exchange for citizen surveillance). They could start buying Bitcoin, but there’s very little supply available for purchase – they would need a decent share of the supply in order to gain the power & control they have with fiat. They could dump their purchased coins on the open market in the hopes to kill it, but there’s an economic & game theory incentive not to – they would simply give us cheap coins. They should buy Bitcoin, but they probably won’t – at least in the short-term. They will probably FOMO into Bitcoin when the price is much higher & start to mine it. Countries will all compete for the last few million coins – a global hash war. Central banking gives them too much power. They almost need to control their citizens due to the fallout the system has created, however this is not an ethical approach to the matter. They are dismissing Bitcoin’s true potential. I think they will be caught with their pants down. 

There’s definitely a feeling of injustice that is commonly felt by the majority, however most believe they are powerless; & from what I can see, most are just accepting it. Bitcoin is power to the people; nothing else on this planet can beat the power it gives to individuals. I wish they all had more knowledge as to how this financial system is exploiting them. Everyone knows taxation is high, yet the’re only seeing 1/10th of the immorality. The more people who convert from government money to internet money – Bitcoin, the sooner we end this madness. Yes, it’s not going to be that simple or pleasant, but it’s a start & it’s the best shot we have. 

Too many people are in “Crypto” & have no idea why Bitcoin was created. Most are distracted by pump & dump alts. It was created for these reasons above. The global debt cannot be paid back. No one knows exactly how things will play out when the bubble pops; we know for sure it will pop, because math. All the solutions government/central banks are proposing will only further enslave & encroach on their citizens. Bitcoin is the sustainable long-term fix. In my mind, it is the only way forward. 

Yes fees are going to skyrocket. In my mind, if everything collapsed tomorrow & Bitcoin was pushed to it’s limits: Bitcoin on-chain could accommodate the wealthy, non-custodial Lightning the middle/working-class & custodial Lightning for everyone who can’t afford to open a channel. It’s still young technology, but when shit hits the fan, it’ll be the best thing we have. Bitcoin is scaling, 3 years ago we didn’t have Lightning. Gold is just so cumbersome & impracticable as an economic-hedge, & it’s supply can never be guaranteed with a hard cap. 21m fixed supply is the god-like rule of Bitcoin.

If you’re tired of listening to the sad violins, just buy Bitcoin.




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