5 Bitcoin Talks that every hodler should know

Where would Bitcoin be today if their was not a charismatic Bitcoin evangelists like Andreas Antonopoulos, or the always sharp minded Jimmy Song? We will never know, what we do know is that they are essential for the bitcoin community. We made a list of 5 inspiring videos about bitcoin that you must see when you suffer from weak hands!

#1 Pierre Rochard: Bitcoin makes saving sexy again

The big difference between Bitcoin and fiat money is the incentive to save. While fiat money is inflationary in design and thus tends to lose value, Bitcoin is hard money. In contrast to the euro or US dollar, BTC purchasing power tends to increase rather than decrease. After all, the amount of Bitcoin available is limited to 21 million coins.

In his talk at the BitBlockBoom Conference Pierre Rochard formulates exactly this idea. According to him, Bitcoin is not only an ingenious payment system, but also a "savings technology", i.e. technologically designed to provide incentives to save.

#2 Andreas Antonopoulos: The Internet of Money

If there is anyone who cannot be missing from a list of Bitcoin rhetorical evangelists, it is Andreas Antonopoulos. With his charismatic speeches, the graduate computer scientist has probably brought more Bitcoiners on board than anyone else.

"Bitcoin, the invention of an anonymous creator. Launched as an open source project and maintained by a community of volunteers as a peer-to-peer network."

This is how @aantonop starts its legendary Bitcoin talk about the Internet of money. In it, Antonopoulos compares the emergence of the Internet with Bitcoin's growth - and explains why Bitcoin is the ideal form of money.This talk at the Swedish Internet Days conference in November 2017 could make beginners in particular want to learn more. An absolute classic.

#3 Jimmy Song: Bitcoin is antifragal

The concept of antifragile describes systems that not only survive "shocks", i.e. crises, but grow from them. The idea goes back to the work Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Taleb, first published in 2012.

In it, Taleb describes systems that "benefit from shocks such as volatility and uncertainty". There are not many such antifragile systems in history. Examples include Wolff's Law, according to which bone density increases after increased stress. So the core idea is that antifragile systems not only withstand stress, but that it improves it.

According to Bitcoiners like Jimmy Song, digital gold is exactly such an anti-fragile system. For example, the volatility ensures that "weak hands" are liquidated when prices collapse, and Bitcoin thus finds its way more quickly into "strong hands". In the long term, this reduces volatility and BTC gains in strength.

#4 Aleksandar Svetski: Blockchain is dead

Bitcoin maxi's are not exactly considered advocates of blockchain technology - unless you use them for solid money like Bitcoin. For Bitcoiners like Aleks Svetski, founder of the investment app Amber, the matter is crystal clear: The use of block chain technology only makes sense where the loss of efficiency of distributed systems is outweighed by its advantages. If you think this through to the end, the only thing left is actually money as a blockchain application.

According to Svetski, blockchain proponents do not take into account that the context in which technologies are used is crucial. You can't simply exchange and optimize a part of a recipe and get a better end product.

#5 Dan Held: Bitcoin Mining uses energy and that’s okay

The mother of all killer arguments when it comes to Bitcoin is the energy consumption of mining. The No. 1 crypto currency actually consumes a lot of electricity; they speak of an energy consumption comparable to that of countries like Denmark.

Hodler knows that this is necessary for Bitcoin to remain safe in the long term. Anyone who has become tired of explaining the connection between hash rate, power consumption and proof of work in detail can simply refer to this talk by Dan Held in the future. At the Value of Bitcoin Conference he explains why energy is the basis of all life and that energy consumption is usually a sign of prosperity and progress.


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